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4 ways a fully-integrated HRIS will change your workplace

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A HRIS plays an essential role in your day-to-day life as a Human Resources professional. But, beyond compliance, employee records management and reporting, have you considered what else your HRIS should be doing for you?

  • Can you run reports from your HRIS, and dive into analytics to help you plan strategically?
  • Can your HRIS automate employee onboarding to free you up from all that paperwork?
  • Can your people access your HRIS, any time, anywhere to make updates to their personal details and make leave requests?

With a fully integrated HRIS, you replace manual or standalone systems for payroll, employee benefits and employee records management with one, intuitive platform that does it all. It allows you to reduce the time it takes to do many important HR and Payroll tasks, and even seamlessly integrates and automates select workflows.

So, before you upgrade your existing systems, or implement new HRIS technology, there are a few important things you need to take into consideration:

1. Integrated Payroll

Maintaining a distinction between HRIS and Payroll results in duplication of work. It also adds to complexity, and increases the risk of human error. Besides reducing these problems, and minimising the need to double handle data from one system to another, fully-integrated HRIS and Payroll technology gives you far greater control over your data; whilst playing an important role in maximising efficiency. Integrating HRIS with Payroll helps to save time, reduce headaches and avoid instances of non-compliance. Plus, if any aspects of your Payroll function are still handled via paper processes, integrating Payroll with your HRIS may help to do more than reduce the paper load. 

2. Employee self-service

Self-service gives employees control over their personal data. It allows them to view and make simple changes to contact details, make leave requests, and update benefits information themselves without any help from you. This combination of accessibility and useful content makes engaging with HR more rewarding for employees. It also frees up the HR team from this administrative burden, at the same time as helping to keep your employee records accurate and up-to-date.

Plus, when payroll is integrated with your HRIS that has self-service functionality, employees can view their payroll information when it’s convenient for them. They can check it for accuracy, or ascertain how much their pay will be in advance of being paid – all without having to call payroll to check.

3. Integrated onboarding

Without integrated Onboarding, you run the risk of having to support and maintain multiple, disparate systems; whilst running your operations without the benefit of unified data. A fully integrated HRIS and Onboarding solution lets you track the progress of your new starters as they move through your Onboarding process. By digitising this experience, you can enable new hires to sign their letter of engagement, acknowledge workplace policies and complete tax and super forms all online; all whilst capturing this data within your HR system. In this way, everything’s always easy to access as it’s residing on the same platform.

4. Integrated employee wellbeing

Offering wellness perks, such as gym memberships and wellness programs, is a great way of showing your employees that you care about them. Fully integrated with your HRIS, you can ensure all this information is available and accessible to all employees at their fingertips. It’s a smart way of ensuring everyone is able to appreciate your full Benefits & Rewards offering. You can also use your HRIS to set achievable wellness goals for employees, such as setting alerts for a two-minute walk around the office every couple of hours. This is a simple way of using your HRIS to help improve the lives of your employees, whilst building rapport amongst your people.

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