That New Employee? Don’t Let Their First Day Suck

A lot of folks are going to apply for that new job your organisation posted on a job board or shared around on LinkedIn, but only the top candidates will receive a callback, and if they are lucky, they can score an actual interview. Only the ones who meet what you need. Only the good ones, right? 

Once the applicants go through that process, and jump through every hoop, and walk through your door on their first day, they are ready to see what the atmosphere will be like. They are picturing themselves working for your team, building networks, learning new techniques, and boosting your company’s profits. What they aren’t looking forward to is an unprepared company who forgot they were coming in.

You may be wondering what the onboarding process has to do with building a good culture in the workplace, right? The answer is simple: it all begins with that first day. You have screened the best applicants and they are ready to come onboard, but the first impression could have lasting effects. 

Remember that presentation is everything!

Be Prepared

During this process, employees will need to understand what is being presented to them by your company, as far as workloads and benefits. If you are not prepared, you could lose top talent before the first week is over.

The objective is to make the new employees feel like they are a part of the work community. They should feel like a part of the team, instead of someone who isn’t welcome, or doesn’t matter to the people they work with. You don’t want someone constantly feeling like they have to fight to make their co-workers care about whether or not they show up.

All new employees need to be expected and they need you to have your preparation done, and it needs to be done well!

Simplify The Process 

With digital onboarding, the end-to-end onboarding process can all be simplified, and companies can prevent new starters from feeling lost and bogged down in piles of paperwork and endless, pointless feeling forms.  

Flare has designed a platform that can make digital onboarding a success for your employees and customers. Long gone are the months of waiting for employees to become accustomed to the culture at work. With our process, the onboarding administration time is only 60 seconds, compared to two weeks. Although the process has been digitised, automated, and simplified, the results are still completely compliant and always ahead of the curve.   

We go big with checking in; making sure your organisation gets the feedback it needs to create a culture that everyone will love. New employees are able to meet managers and team members prior to coming to work, allowing them to truly access the company. They can share contact details and interesting information, such as their favourite hobbies, drinks, or movies. 

Customisation is the Key!

Successful onboarding cultures prepare new employees for the job, but they also tell a story and show a lighter side of the company. Most businesses don’t focus on onboarding as much as they should, but if the culture is bad, the company’s talent will decrease. Without good staff in place, your business could fall apart.  

The onboarding process should be customised, based on the employee’s position and necessary tools, including his network. You don’t have to worry about putting together organisational charts and a picture book of employees; Flare has you covered! We will list the key duties of the employees, and help the new hire get connected before they step foot into the office. This allows him to fit in well, and it can make your current employees more comfortable with their new co-worker.

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