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How To Automate Hr Data Capture And Sharing

We are deep in the Digital Age but a surprising number of...

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10 HR Functions To Automate

Human resource (HR) departments are responsible for the administration and management of...

Best First Days, Onboarding

#BestFirstDays: Meet Alan from Flare

Alan is all about how day one can set you up for...

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Best First Days: Summer Onboarding 2019

For any business in hospitality or retail, the summer onboarding sprint is...


Onboarding Compliance: How To Avoid The Stress

  So many companies inadvertently skip out on their compliance. Regardless of...


Flare Announce The Next Stage In Their Financial Wellness Vision

9 April, 2019– Pioneering workplace software startup Flare has announced the next evolution of their financial wellness vision, to allow every working Australian to live their best financial life.


Getting Onboarding Right In Hospitality

The hospitality sector is one of the most complex, and highly variable,...


The Agile Onboarding Checklist

Beginning the process of human resource planning needs careful attention because when...


Why Onboarding Should Be A Resource Priority

  The onboarding experience can be a bewildering time for a new...


First Days: Expectation Vs. Reality…

Your Team’s First Day: Expectations vs. Reality

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