Running a car just got a lot cheaper and easier

Exclusively available to Healius team as an employee benefit, find out how you can unlock significant savings on your car with a Flare Cars novated lease.

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 Lunch & learn: Introducing Flare Cars

Join one of our upcoming webinars to learn how Flare Cars could help you save on your car, plus live Q&A with our leasing experts.

Calculate savings

Find out how much you could save on a new, used or existing car

Latest deals

Looking to buy a new car? Check out deals on our most popular models

Resource hub

New to novated leasing or need a refresher? We’ve got you covered

Webinar recording

Introducing Flare Cars, a new financial benefit

Watch the lunch & learn recording (20 mins + Q&A) where you’ll learn:

  • How the Flare Cars Program works
  • How you can access pre-tax dollars to put towards your car
  • How to calculate your savings
  • Steps to get started with the program

What is novated leasing?

An ATO-approved way to finance a new or used car, a novated lease allows you to pay for all your finance and running costs from your pre and post-tax salary. On top of saving you up to thousands per year on tax, it also bundles all your vehicle expenses into one simple payment, coming directly out of your pay.

4 ways to save

Save on
income tax

Pay for your car and all its running costs, mostly from pre-tax salary

Save on

Save 10% GST on purchase price, plus no GST on running costs for the life of your lease

Save on drive
away price

Unlock significant discounts through our fleet buying power across Australia

Save on out-of-pocket expenses

Spend less on your car every month compared to other finance options

Why Flare Cars?

Full service

We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting including test drives, negotiating the best price for you, and trading in your existing car

Running cost on autopilot

Free your bank account from car expenses—car payments are budgeted upfront, and charged to a separate card


Choose from new, used or even lease your current vehicle. We’ll help figure out the best solution for your unique circumstances

How it works

Flare Cars is available exclusively to the Healius team. Our friendly and knowledgeable leasing consultants are here to support you every step of your car leasing experience.

Initial quote

Test drive

Financial approval


Settlement & delivery

Running your car

End of lease

Got more questions?

We’ve got answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Get in touch

Find out how you can save on your car with a Flare Cars novated lease, whether it’s new, used or even the car you already drive

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