Novated leasing 101

Whether you’re new to novated leasing or need a refresher, we’ve got everything you need to know – from what it is, how it works to common questions.

What is novated leasing?

Novated leasing is an ATO-approved way to finance a new or used car, which allows you to pay for all its finance and running costs mostly using your pre-tax salary. On top of saving you up to thousands per year on tax, it also bundles all your vehicle expenses into one simple payment coming directly out of your pay.

Why Flare Cars?

  • Save on income tax, GST and drive away price
  • Full concierge service on new car purchase
  • Running costs on autopilot
  • Flexibility to lease a new, used or existing car

How it works

Useful tools

Leasing calculator

Discover just how much you could save on a new, used or existing car with our easy to use leasing calculator.

Comparison table

Compare your options between a novated lease, a car loan & cash, taking Hyundai Tucson as an example.

On-demand webinar

Join us for a 15-minute comprehensive overview of what novated leasing is and how it could save thousands on your vehicle.

Got more questions?

We’ve got answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

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