The Guide to Managing HR Compliance, Risk and People Operations from anywhere

Download this step-by-step user guide to learn how you can respond and manage HR compliance, employee communications and changes related to COVID-19 via the Flare platform.

New Section Added! Victoria - How to Manage Work Permit Changes using Flare. Last updated Sep 19 2020.

Last updated Sep 19 2020.

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What's included in your guide:

1. Distribute new policies

How to keep your workforce up-to-date with policy and procedure changes related to COVID-19 and your business using Info Requests.

2. Create an Info Center

How to create one place for employees to get updates on Covid-19, so staff know where to go for information.

3. Manage employee lifecycle and offboarding

How to make changes to the employee lifecycle, including employee work arrangements, terminations and offboarding using Status Changes.

4. Free Policy Templates

Download free policy templates, including work from home policies, from Harmer's Workplace Law and Fair Work.

5. COVID-19 Best Resources

Get links the best global resources for COVID-19 information and keep your employees up to date with accurate information.

6. Access the Support Knowledge Base

For Flare users, access a library of hundreds of step-by-step articles in the Support Knowledge Base, or contact Support: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM AEST.