Manage your employees all in one place

Manage your employee contracts, documents and HR processes.

Instantly access up to date employee information

Ditch the paper personnel files or complicated shared drives and access any piece of information about any employee from anywhere at anytime.

Access employee details

Instantly access addresses, emergency contact details, personal notes and more in one place.

See full employee history

See an employee’s full history in one place, including role changes, salary updates and more.

Polices & documents

Access signed employment contracts, agreed policies and important employment documents for the employee.

Automate your manual workflows & processes

Setup your preferred notification and approval workflows in Flare and they’ll automatically run when triggered, saving you from hundreds of manual emails chasing approvals and notifying team members.

Example processes that can be automated

Leave requests

When an employee requests leave, automatically notify the manager and once approved, update the payroll system

Salary changes

When a salary change is submitted, notify the CEO and HR manager and once approved, update the payroll system and recalculate the pay run.

Employee exit

When an employee leaves, notify IT to cancel their accounts, update the payroll system with their final payments, and schedule their manager to complete an exit interview.

Empower employees to manage themselves

Reduce admin by allowing employees to update their details, request leave and more through a simple interface.

Update personal details, bank and super information

Update tax withholdings

Upload certifications & documents

Leave requests & much more

Handle compliance with ease

Reduce risk and ensure legal compliance with simple tools to manage policies, qualifications and more.

Get policies accepted automatically

Have new employees review and accept your policies as part of the onboarding flow. Update documents and get acceptance from existing employees automatically.

Keep qualifications up to date

Automatically get notified when employee visas or qualifications are about to expire, or run a report to see the expiration date of all certifications across all employees.

Access full audit logs

Instantly access a full audit log detailing every employee event, from salary changes to performance reviews, over the lifetime of the employee.

“It just eliminated the need for the back and forth and the chasing up.”

Jodie Hearne
HR Manager, Glue Store / JD Sports

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