Running a car just got (a lot) cheaper

Flare Cars reimagines car ownership by helping you take advantage of money-saving tax benefits that may have felt out of reach in the past. This personalised program is exclusively available to you, through your employer’s benefits program with Flare.

Wait, what’s a novated lease?

Salary packaging allows you to use your pre-tax salary to finance certain expenses, such as the car you drive. This is called a novated lease, a tax structure created by the ATO. Your payments come directly out of your pay, and include all your running costs, such as maintenance, insurance, and petrol. The costs get bundled up together and charged to a separate card, so the costs don’t hit your bank account—meaning more money in your pocket to save, spend or invest.

Did you know a novated lease could save you thousands of dollars every year? 

Car expenses cost up to 14% of your income—the second-largest expense for Australian workers. At Flare Cars, we believe everyone deserves to run a car for less. And even if you use your car for work or play, you can still take advantage of salary packaging.


New, used, or the car you already drive

We provide support and education around the options available to you, without trying to sell you unnecessary add-ons or products you don’t need. 

Calculate your savings

Find out how much money you could save on your car, and all its annual running costs, with our novated lease calculator.

The benefits of novated leasing

More money in your pocket

Make your pay go further by lowering your taxable income

Running costs on autopilot

Free your bank account from car expenses. We budget everything upfront, and you charge it to a separate card 

Drive the car you want, your way

Lease new, used or even your current vehicle, with no minimum kilometres required

How it works

Flare Cars is available exclusively to employees of Flare customers, as part of our market-leading financial wellbeing programs and onboarding and benefits solutions.

Calculate savings

Use our instant lease calculator to find out how much you could save

Select your car

The fun part (don’t worry, we can help find the right solution to suit your needs)

Drive it for less

That’s it! You’re all set to instantly access savings through your new agreement

Got more questions?

We’ve got answers. Learn more about Flare Cars and our novated lease products here.

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