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ELMO Employee Benefits

ELMO has partnered with Flare to provide employee benefits to every customer.

We’ve partnered with ELMO to help their customers attract and retain top talent

Attract and retain talent with a powerful benefits platform. Enhance your employee value proposition and help your employees tackle the rising cost of living with an employee benefits platform now available within ELMO.



Flare gives you a single place to effectively communicate company benefits and perks. We can help optimise your benefits offering and enhance overall employee satisfaction without financial burden.

Super Selection

Empower your employees to own the future of their super savings by allowing them to quickly select the right super fund for their needs. Avoid the hassle and security risks associated with paper forms or email.

Salary Packaging

Employees can save thousands of dollars a year on a car with a novated lease, the most effective way to reduce taxable income.
+ Pre-tax income savings
+ No GST on upfront and running costs
+ 100% personal vehicle use
+ No upfront deposit required

Pre-tax entitlements

Develop the strategy to enhance the value of your benefits program and provide tax advantages for your employees.

Two HR professionals were pushed into burnout. Both returned from burnout crises to help transform the companies they were part of.

Benefits like car salary packaging are opening up to eligible contract hires. Neil, bought a second-hand Subaru via a novated lease with Flare & Oncore.

Flare partnered with Ernst & Young (EY) to examine how the ‘Great Resignation’ is taking shape in Australia in the post-COVID economy.

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Customers love Flare Benefits

Neil bought his Subaru through a Flare novated lease.
It was a very simple process. I didn’t have to meet anybody, it was all handled remotely, it was just emails and a DocuSign electronic signature on a contract. So very simple. Since I’ve actually taken my car for work, it’s enabling me to get a lot more flexibility.
Neil Creasey
Executive Enterprise Agile Leader, VIC

Resource Hub

Check out the Flare Resources Hub. Here you’ll find everything you need including guides, whitepapers, webinars, case studies and more to help shape your benefits and wellbeing offering.