Integrate ATS Onboarding with Flare

All-in-one solution for HR to save time and minimise non-compliance risk

How it works

Streamline HR and compliance and automatically validate key employee payroll information.

Superannuation Compliance

Easily collect your new employee’s superannuation details with fund validation, also allowing your employees to find lost super and consolidate.

Automatic Validation

All your new employees bank account, BSB and Tax File Number details are automatically validated.

VEVO Checks

Automatic passport VEVO checks with validation results for employee and employer.

Direct Payroll Integration

Automatically Sync New Employee Details to Payroll Seamless API integration between ATS onboarding and leading payroll providers.

Benefits of the integration

Our new integration with Flare HR allows new employees to quickly and easily self-select their super fund during the onboarding process via the ATS Onboarding App. Super fund validation and finding employees lost super ensures business compliance with the new reforms. 

New employees who are new to the workforce will be presented with a list of super fund options to nominate from as well as your company default fund.

Simplify & Automate Employee Onboarding


Minimise the risk of non-compliance


Store & collect employee HR documents digitally

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