Collect candidate forms digitally

With this free integration, JobAdder customers can improve candidate onboarding efficiency by automating and digitising forms using Flare. You can eliminate your manual onboarding paperwork and data entry. Start operating with compliant paperless onboarding and place candidates and employees even faster!

How the integration works

With JobAdder and Flare, you get a seamless recruitment and onboarding experience for your candidates and for your internal teams. Here’s how it works:

Choose a candidate that you wish to place

Click to launch your onboarding journey

Employee details are collected automatically

Hear from other forward-thinking brands how Flare is making a difference

How JD Sports and Glue saved $100,000 in onboarding efficiency by using Flare

Glue and JD Sports transformed their manual employee onboarding process into a seamless digital onboarding experience with Flare.

“Flare made a huge difference for us, eliminating the need for back and forth and chasing up paperwork during onboarding.” Jodie Hearne, HR Manager at Glue and JD Sports

jd sports

Why use this integration

Say goodbye to paperwork and manual admin for candidate onboarding. Instead, JobAdder customers can simplify candidate onboarding down to seconds by using Flare’s compliant paperless onboarding journey. With a click of a button, you can kick-start paperless onboarding within your JobAdder instance.

Save time and costs with automation

Tightens compliance with digital forms

data security

Increased employee engagement

Streamlining HR operations at Rockpool Dining Group with JobAdder and Flare.

Rockpool Dining Group has lead the charge in managing HR operations across 16 brands, 80 restaurants and thousands of staff across Australia. Using JobAdder and Flare together, Rockpool’s HR team can manage hundreds of candidates and employees at any given time, working remotely from wherever they are.

Get started with a demo

A free onboarding and benefits solution for JobAdder customers. Fill out the form below or email Tim Ko, our dedicated Account Manager for JobAdder customers.

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