Launching benefits and Flare Cars in your workplace

We’re excited to kick off Flare Benefits & Discounts and Flare Cars to support the wellbeing and financial wellbeing of your people, and to help you lead an effective wellbeing program. Below are some templates and marketing materials for the launch.

What’s included in Flare Cars & Benefits

All-in-one benefits

One place to manage all your benefits, perks and wellness offers to your employees

Free discounts

Give your employees access to free gift voucher discounts from Aussie retailers

Financial wellbeing benefits

Lead in financial wellbeing and give your employees access to salary-packaged novated car leasing

Plan and amplify your programs throughout the year

Having a wellness and benefits calendar can help you create awareness for the programs available to your employees and increase your employee engagement.

Download this free calendar to help you plan your wellness and benefits strategy and roll out throughout the year.

Free templates, tools and guides

Here are some free templates, tools and guides to help you launch your wellness and benefits program. Feel free to customise them to suit you.

Email HTML templates

Embed this html into your comms platform and customise the message.

Poster templates

Customise, post and print these posters in Canva.

Brochure templates

Customise, post and print these brochures in Canva.