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One of our HR experts will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements and how Flare can help! In the meantime, check out how some of our other customers use Flare.

“We’re able to focus on the bigger strategic issues, rather than focussing on the small stuff.”

Glen Lees
CFO, Bondi Pizza

“The biggest challenge was getting our employees onboard with the idea. They are software testers that work with quality, so it’s a testament to Flare that they have a quality product. The whole platform is super intuitive.”

Rebekah Di Blasi
Head of Talent & Culture, KJR

“It used to take two people two weeks just to onboard one employee, now it takes 60 seconds! The entire process has been cut down massively with Flare.”

Fai Allam
HR Manager, Sephora

“It’s just worked like a dream. It’s been really great for us, really helpful. We’ve got better visibility, and it’s more user-friendly than anything we’ve ever had before.”

Lynne Milburn
Head of HR, Colette

“It really made a huge difference to the process, because a lot of the time the people weren’t returning their paperwork. It just eliminated the need for the back and forth and the chasing up.”

Jodie Hearne
HR Manager, Glue Store / JD Sports

“We can track new ways to communicate, we can have a lot of fun with it, we can report and measure, and we can engage our people.”

Shaun McDonald
Head of HR, Atlantic Group

“Flare HR took our onboarding time down from two weeks to 24 hours. Some of them are down to five minutes!”

Lyn Guy
HR Manager, Priceline

“We’d be at a point where we had to almost start chasing employees to make sure we’d got all their documents whereas now, with the click of a button, they’re sent everything and they’re expected to do it.”

Sebastian Brown
Senior HR Advisor, Bankstown Sports Club