People and Culture Leadership Series

To the people who are leading HR and people-first initiatives: this is a thought leadership series to help you build strategy, plans and tactics to build resilient, engaged workplaces.

Lead in these changing times

Our world and the way we live and work has forever changed in 2020. Those that do the work of HR have an unprecedented opportunity to lead change in new and transformative ways. As you rebuild business priorities, level up your HR operations, communicate new policies, and plan for a safe return to work for your employees — all whilst working remotely and keeping employee wellbeing top of mind — know that you are among thousands of peers that are adapting and solving problems similar to you. Get inspired and make things happen.

The Team at Flare

Superannuation reforms: How employers can ensure compliance

Employers & Payroll

In this webinar we will go through the latest superannuation reforms Your Future, Your Super introduced by the federal government and how these changes may affect payroll and employers from July 1, 2021. After this session you’ll learn:

  • What the latest superannuation reforms are and why they may be introduced
  • How these new superannuation reforms may affect payroll and employers
  • How to ensure your company is compliant

How to Build a Winning CX Strategy – with Campos & Rockpool Dining

Human Resources

Talent and People teams are streamlining their candidate experiences to engage and build resilient operations in the long haul. Learn from four leaders who has mastered their HR operations:

Building a Culture of Resilience — with SafetyCulture, Interactive and BPAY

People & Culture

Workplaces everywhere are being challenged with the pandemic, and building a safe, resilient and engaged workplace with strong values and culture has become more important than ever.

Hear from and learn with an all-star People & Culture leadership panel of Australia’s Great Places to Work Winners, as they discuss how they’re building a culture of resilience and driving people-first strategies.

Why Employee Wellness is the Key to Competitive Success in the Pandemic — with CX Expert Don Peppers

Wellness in the Workplace

As workplaces everywhere adapt to the pandemic, HR & People leaders are focusing on their need to promote employee wellness, in all its aspects, so employees can perform at their best, whether physically located in the workspace or at home. Join customer-experience expert Don Peppers to discuss the increased importance of aligning wellness and benefits programs to business goals, so as to better engage employees during these stressful times.

Shark Tank: Embracing Modern Benefits — with PayActiv, BUPA and Slate

Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness initiatives are on the rise with People & Culture teams everywhere, as they look to support their employees’s wellbeing during these unprecedented times. Join us for a shark-tank style panel with four benefits innovators that will share how you can dramatically improve employee wellbeing with these modern benefits, and help your employees save thousands of dollars a year.

Creating an Engaged Workplace — with Atlassian, Zip & Intuit

People & Culture

Hear how Atlassian, Zip and Intuit, Australia’s leading tech start-ups, are building engaged workplaces, in a world of remote work. In this discussion, you’ll learn with some of the best HR & People leaders in the tech sector.

Employee Experience & Wellbeing — with Salesforce, BUPA and Amicus

People & Culture

As we return to work, HR & People leaders across Australia are leading the charge to build safe, resilient and engaged workplaces. Hear from leading experts in employee experience, wellness and workplace design to build more engaged workplaces.

Performance Management — with Harmer’s Workplace Lawyers

HR Compliance

Hear a legal perspective from Harmer’s Workplace Lawyers on performance management and terminations during COVID-19. As many organisations continue to manage a remote workforce, employers need to understand how and when to terminate non-performing employees in a remote working environment. Learn how you can ensure compliance with the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).

Masterclass Series, exclusive to Flare Customers

Creating an Onboarding Journey for New and Rehired Employees

Join us for an online Masterclass on creating an engaging onboarding journey for any new hires and for rehires and stood up employees. 

Session time: 60 minutes
Cost: Free

Hiring and Rehiring using the Flare Platform

Join us for an online Masterclass on hiring and rehiring and standing up employees using the Flare platform.

Session time: 60 minutes
Cost: Free

The Recovery – Engaging Your People

Join us for an online Masterclass on communicating and engaging your people using the Flare platform. Session time: 90 minutes Cost: Free

Session time: 60 minutes
Cost: Free

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