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LinkedIn’s Top Startups: Growing the Team at Flare

LinkedIn has named Flare as one of the top startups to work...

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How HR managers can shift from paperwork to people work

Human Resources management can be surprisingly labour-intensive. The amount of “process” can...

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Choosing an HR Software System Your People Want to Use: The How-To

Choosing an HR software system comes with many of the same challenges...

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10 HR Functions To Automate

Human resource (HR) departments are responsible for the administration and management of...

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Why HR Spend Is So Important

Flare Vlog: #PeopleandCulture If you’re in HR, you know how important your resources are. You know how important it is to make sure you have the budget for the right tools. People and culture depends on you, and the experience your employees have comes down to...

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#BestFirstDays: Meet Alan from Flare

Alan is all about how day one can set you up for...

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Best First Days: Summer Onboarding 2019

For any business in hospitality or retail, the summer onboarding sprint is...

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How To Keep Contractors Engaged

If your workforce is made up for contractors, how do you keep...

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Getting The Best Out Of Your HR Tech (In 3 Ways…)

Your HR software platform can be a crucial component for your organisation...

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Why Benefits Need To Be Personalised

Personalised workplace benefits and a workplace culture that is designed for your...

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