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How a Constantly Growing Workplace Relations Company Manages HR

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We sat down with Employsure to learn a little more about their business, what makes them tick, and why they need a new HR and benefits management solution.

Tell us about your business.

Employsure is Australia’s leading workplace relations specialist, currently provide over 10,500 Australian businesses with specialised advice, assistance and immediate solutions when it comes to employment relations and work health and safety concerns. This is our passion and the way we help our clients succeed.

Managing employees and keeping a workplace safe is a big part of business success, but as a business owner, finding the time to navigate confusing legislation can be difficult. Managing a difficult employee, receiving bullying or harassment complaints, managing performance reviews to implementing parental leave or work health and safety systems, Employsure is available day and night with professional advice.

How did Employsure start?

Employsure was founded in 2011 by employment relations barrister, Edward Mallett. Businesses were struggling to understand changes in legislation, so we set about changing that and believe that all businesses, regardless of size, should have access to the right advice, anytime.

Employsure is part of the Peninsula Group, the largest provider of employment regulations and work health and safety advice in the world and employs over 400 staff

In October 2015 we were named Australia’s fastest growing company, and most recently, awarded position 13 in the Financial Review’s top 50 Most Innovative Companies.

What common HR problems do you have?

With a third of our 400 employees based in the field, the need for a HR platform that would not only provide a simple and easy user experience, but support our varying requirements was imperative. As our growth trajectory continues at a heightened pace throughout 2016, and we continue to onboard 20 new employees every fortnight, we needed a system that would provide the HR team with critical data quickly and easily, allowing us to remain alert in all facets of HR and ultimately, ahead of the game.

Why did you decide to use Flare?

From the get go, Flare fit the bill of our requirement with its intuitiveness, device adaptability, user friendliness and overall beautiful design, meaning we had the ability to engage our people, whether it be in the office, on the road, in the airport terminal or at home on the couch, across a multitude of digital devices.

When selecting the appropriate platform, we sought one that would provide an end to end employee experience with engagement of our people paramount. Flare allowed us to engage all our employees, including field based staff and even new employees before they walked through the door.

Flare has allowed the HR team to take a step back from what were previously tedious, time consuming and manual processes, meaning they have more capacity to be a proactive contributor to the business as whole. Flare’s capacity to assist each member of the HR team has been remarkable, from recruitment and onboarding, training, performance appraisals, learning and development, HR administration and compliance, to providing our senior management team with critical information that was easily accessible.

Our onboarding process has become more streamlined, from manual spreadsheets to a customized process, and allows the opportunity to utilise digital communication tools, such as a video from our MD, to welcome all new starters. Overall, our HR team saved approximately 180 hours in administration tasks associated with the old process.

How will you use the time saved by Flare?

We are exceptionally proud of the company culture we have been able to create, one where employees can honestly say this is a great place to work.

We want to continue being an exceptional workplace and while we will use this time to enhance the overall HR team and our delivery, our mantra here at Employsure is to be better, meaning we will also work towards making each and every one of our employees better as well!

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