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Colette by Colette Hayman is an Australian bag and accessory retail company.



Company size

2000 employees

Meet the Colette team

Lynne Milburne
Former Head of HR, Colette

Lynne was the Head of HR at Colette by Colette Hayman for over 3 years.


It was up to a team of two to manage 160 stores, in three different countries. Outside of the Christmas period, Colette managed around 1200 employees across the three countries where they operate, but at the end of the year, more than 500 additional staff could be hired and onboarded, making that manual process even less sustainable for the HR team. With a high volume of staff and limited resources, support for the onboarding and HR processes is paramount.


When Lynne was introduced to the Flare team, she was ready to embrace a digital system that could take those manual issues and make them a scalable approach to onboarding her staff to reduce the pressure on the Colette HR team. Here’s why she chose Flare: 

Best value

“Our search took a couple of months and we looked at pretty much everything on the market. Flare was not only the best value but it also ticked the most boxes, even a year and a half ago when it was still reasonably new – and there’s been even more development on the platform since.”

Efficiency & automation

“It’s great because it’s just efficient and it’s automatic, so while the system that we had before was pretty manual, and we did have a HRIS for each stage of the process, it needed to be manually progressed by someone in HR.  It was almost like writing a list of what you’ve sent out and every day checking to see if that step has been completed and moving it onto the next step, and on top of that, having to create individual records for everyone. Flare has made it incredible easy for us with the bulk upload for new team members.”


“Now we know that the right contract has gone out to the right person at the right time without us having to actually do anything other than that. Then all we have to monitor, is who has not completed it yet and that’s easy enough to do when you go onto your new hires to complete onboarding page because you see that then and you know if they’re not sitting in there, they’ve completed it.”

How JD Sports and Glue saved $100,000 in onboarding efficiency by using Flare

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“Flare made a huge difference for us, eliminating the need for back and forth and chasing up paperwork during onboarding.” Jodie Hearne, HR Manager at Glue and JD Sports

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