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Transforming manual processes into seemless workflows

Improving onboarding efficiency and document accuracy by 69%

"We lifted our heads out of the enormous volumes of people transactions and are now delivering against our ambitious people and culture agenda."


Mark Maybury

Head of People & Culture, Belgravia Group

Mark’s team is responsible for the engagement and development of Belgravia Leisure's 4,000 plus staff across Australia and New Zealand.


Because of the nature of Belgravia's seasonal pools and the rate of their growth, they would regularly hire as many as 2000 people a year. The volume of manual transactions required to track candidates and effectively onboard so many new hires without an integrated and highly functional applicant tracking and onboarding system was a huge challenge for the organisation.


Belgravia had recently implemented Expr3ss! as their staff selection process and was looking to integrate the candidate onboarding process. Here’s they chose Flare:

Existing partner integration

Flare was recommended to Belgravia by Expr3ss! due to the partner integration that existed between the two platforms.

Optimal cost

Belgravia operates in a highly competitive market and constantly seeks opportunities to maximise resources. Other onboarding solutions were cost prohibitive for the volumes on onboarding at Belgravia. Flare's pricing model made the platform accessible to the group and opened up a world of easy to implement automation that streamlined previously manual processes.

Greater onboarding efficiency

Once the integration was turned on, Flare's platform allowed Belgravia to curate the exact candidate journey that matches their company's recruitment process and culture from start to finish, removing pens and paper from the workflow entirely. Belgravia can also track any candidate with a moments notice and provide frontline leaders with information about where their candidates are up to in the onboarding journey.

We lifted our heads out of enormous volumes of people transactions."


Improving onboarding efficiency and document accuracy by 69%

With over 6,000 permanent employees and 3,500 new hires each year, Belgravia Group not only managed to optimise their onboarding process, but also provide a cohesive onboarding experience for each employee, via streamlined integration with existing systems.

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