Paperless employee onboarding at TradeConnex

How TradeConnex uses a streamlined onboarding process and ensures compliance with labour laws.




TradeConnex provides labour hire services to building and construction companies throughout Australia.


Labour Hire

Company size

1000 employees

Meet the TradeConnex team

Emma Hennigan

Office Manager – TradeConnex

Emma is responsible for onboarding new employees and contractors.

“Flare has helped us reduce errors, save time and automate our onboarding process. Now that all employee documentation is in the one place in Flare, we can easily view documents and ensure that we are compliant with VISA and labour laws.”


Prior to using Flare Emma, the office manager at TradeConnex, used a combination of paper and spreadsheets to onboard new employees. Onboarding new employees was a lengthy and time-consuming process. There would often be errors and duplications across different systems which needed to be resolved which made the process even longer.
Emma was frustrated with the amount of time her team was spending on manual onboarding and she wanted to streamline the process and move it into the digital age. Her goals were to improve efficiency and cut down their manual workload, ensure compliance with labour laws and build a user-friendly onboarding experience for new hires.


Emma chose to use Flare after evaluating different onboarding solutions. Flare is a free HR software offering paperless onboarding and exclusive benefits to employees. Here’s why she chose Flare:

Streamlined onboarding process

Flare is a user-friendly, cost-effective platform which helped Emma’s team onboard employees faster and easier than ever before. New hires at TradeConnex find the platform easy to use and have a great onboarding experience.

Ensuring compliance with labour laws

Using Flare has enabled TradeConnex to ensure that they are compliant with VISA and labour laws since Emma’s team can now view all documentation in the one place.

Automated follow ups

Flare’s automated follow ups have significantly cut down the amount of time Emma and her team would have to spend chasing up new hires to ensure that all their details were filled out correctly before their start date.


Emma has saved 15 hours per week by using Flare. Flare sends reminders to new hires when their details aren’t filled in correctly, which saves Emma time by not having to remind them. Since all employee’s documentation is in the one place, she can easily review employee’s documents and VISAs so she can ensure compliance with labour and VISA laws. By implementing Flare for TradeConnex, Emma has cut down on her manual HR work and she now has more free time to focus on other more important tasks.

“Getting Flare implemented wasn’t difficult at all. The training is very good with plenty of guides and details. Any issues we had, we could arrange a chat with Mirella, our customer success person, instead of sending links to support. I highly recommend Flare for businesses who are looking to save time and cut down on manual onboarding.”

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Paperless employee onboarding at TradeConnex