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Getting Onboarding Right In Hospitality

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The hospitality sector is one of the most complex, and highly variable, of all workplaces. When you’re employing new people, the onboarding process can be quite demanding. Onboarding may involve a wide range of different types of employment. Onboarding can include chefs, waiters, property management staff, administration, customer service and customer relations, and many more. It’s vital that you capture each of these roles and bring them into the company in the right way. Anything less, is setting your new hires up for a bad experience, and the negative flow on effects it generates!

Hospitality sector onboarding needs to cater for this very broad-based range of employees. This process begins with the job application stage to the selection and appointment of successful candidates. For hardworking professionals in the sector, onboarding absolutely must be a smooth, flawless, and highly efficient process.   

Onboarding: Absolute Essentials

 Old style onboarding used to be a very laborious, expensive, and time consuming process. The sheer volume of paperwork required for onboarding was truly excessive. In a complex workplace like a hospitality business, the added bureaucracy didn’t help. Hospitality businesses needed their staff on the site and working, ASAP.

If this ultra-bureaucratic scenario seems all too familiar, we have some good news for you. With the latest top of the line specialised software products, the entire process of onboarding is a lot easier, a lot cheaper, and much faster.

Top Quality Standard Onboarding 

You’re going to want to look at some truly versatile onboarding software, ideal for the hospitality sector. It’s not something you want to take lightly, because it will have a massive impact on your staff and the way they experience your company. And you know what that impact flows onto? Your customer experience, too.

Download Employee Onboarding GuideHospitality companies tend to focus on a list of features that can cover off all the documentation, compliance, info and data capture that they need to put all hands on deck. There’s a lot of feature points that we find companies are looking around for:

Features include: 


    • New employee details, integrated with your Applicant Tracking System.
    • New employee spreadsheet uploads direct to your data system
    • Individual employees added as required
    • Automated documentation including contracts ready for signature
    • Letters of engagement
    • Company policy documents
    • Automated links for employees to provide documentation
    • Tax information
    • Bank and other details as applicable
    • Visas
    • Certifications
    • Compliance documentation (required compliance documents like licenses, etc.)


Professionals in the hospitality sector will see from this list that all the elements of onboarding are contained in this list. This represents a comprehensive, fully integrated approach to onboarding.


Big advantages for employers

Onboarding should also be designed to deliver excellent value to employers. There are direct business benefits:


    • Reduced cost: The reduced costs achieved by onboarding effectively is a measurable value, based on the reduced use of time to manage the new employee process. This very reliable system also continues to save you time and money throughout its working life, an added benefit.
    • Administrative efficiency:  A solid on boarding tool generates all the integrated data required for employee administrative purposes. This data is an instant source of reference for any employee information or administrative needs.


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