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The New World Of HR: Humans Are Not Resources

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People are humans, not resources. Many times in my life I have seen amazing things happen once a culture of putting people first was adopted within an organization.

When I say putting people first, imagine an environment, where you feel respected and safe, treated as you are being treated by your friends and family. An office, where you do not have to put on a mask, pretending to be a different person than who you really are. A place, where there is laughter and yet, a high level of ambition. Just as you would want the best for your friends, pushing them to have a ‘GO’ at things, so would you do the same with your colleagues to win in the market.

Imagine how much creativity can be unleashed, how many barriers can be broken down, all the limitations to be overcome and the number of amazing things that can be achieved. Recall the time when you felt at your absolutely best – you were motivated and you were changing the world, confident in doing so, because you knew somebody was there to back you.

Unfortunately, we can see a sharp contrast way too often in the case of typical mid-sized companies’ HR departments and how their time is being wasted on fruitless efforts. Shouldn’t their time be devoted to creating an environment that supports a ‘people first attitude’ instead of being misused for administration, managing compliance, filling out spreadsheets and becoming ‘The Human Resources Department’ that is there to watch you?

Let’s pause for a moment and take a closer look at the abbreviation ‘HR’ – Human Resources. Would we really like to be called resources?

Personally, I am not blaming all the HR departments of the world for this abbreviation, but I believe that the expression ‘Human Resource’ is probably not the best way to define us. People are not resources; they are human beings. The idea that people are the foundation of every great business has also been the driving force behind Flare HR and is passionately shared by all us founders.

We are on a mission to transform the human resources departments and allow a shift of focus towards people. We want to help with the creation of numerous unique working environments making way for success and prosperity, allowing all of us to flourish and to perform at our best.

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