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Six Ways to Foster a Winning Team Dynamic

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Build a team that works together and wins together.

1 – Communicate Often

Great teams communicate often. It’s really important to know what your peers are doing and thinking.

Here are five key elements of effective and meaningful communication:

  • Value constant communication
  • Make time for each other outside of the office
  • Build the space to foster open communication on a continual basis
  • Be aware of different communication styles and languages
  • Handle conflict in a constructive manner

2 – Trust and Respect Each Other

This is one of the most important pieces of the relationship. You need to be able to trust that your peers have the best interest of your company and are as committed as you are to the venture.

3 – Clarify Team Roles, Rewards, and Expectations

Overlapping skills and responsibilities can lead to conflict and confusion over the direction of the company. You want a team with complementary skills, the same value system, and compatible personalities.

4 – Win and Lose as a Team

Great teams talk openly about failure versus just simply faulting one person. This can end up really de-motivating someone and causing deeper team issues.

5 – Be Open to Constant Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is key to solving problems and fostering openness within the team.

Jan Pacas, Managing Director – Flare

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