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The Ultimate Onboarding Resources Roundup

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Implementing an effective onboarding process is one of the best ways to welcome, engage, and retain new employees.

Onboarding gives new employees the chance to get to know their co-workers and department, while familiarising them with the overall goals and culture of their new workplace.

When used successfully, onboarding can help increase job satisfaction and commitment, while lowering employee stress and turnover.

But a strong onboarding process requires forward planning and observing the workplace from the point of view of your employees. So to help you maximise the effectiveness of your onboarding process, we’ve compiled a list of the best resources the internet has to offer:

How To Get Employee Onboarding Right 

This article differentiates between the processes of onboarding and training. According to Maren Hogan, developing a structured onboarding process is essential to retaining employees. Meanwhile, Hogan argues that an effective training program must incorporate both the ‘how’ and ‘why’.

Employee Onboarding at Startups Is Broken – Here’s How to Fix It

“From a sheer tactical standpoint, you’re never going to have the same opportunity to impact people that you do on their first day,” says Guthrie. In this article, the author discusses the importance of turning HR into a onboarding strategy.

12 Employee Onboarding Best Practices Every Business Owner Needs To Know

There is more to onboarding than first impressions. In this guide, the author outlines 12 essential onboarding practices for companies when integrating new employees.

The Complete Employee Onboarding Guide

This comprehensive guide dives deeply into the process of onboarding. The author starts out by describing the goals of onboarding, before outlining the effects, key aspects, and best practices of onboarding.

How to build a new employee onboarding process

A clear, step-by-step guide on building a strong onboarding process. This article offers tips on onboarding from the point of pre-hire right up until the three month check-in mark.

5 Steps to Improve Your Onboarding Process

If you’re looking for simple steps to supercharge your onboarding process, this article is for you. As the author writes, “the maintenance of your onboarding program needs to be easy.” The article covers five easy ways to make your onboarding process more successful.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Good Onboarding

This in-depth article examines the importance of prioritising onboarding. According to Arlene S. Hirsch, onboarding is a great opportunity to win over new employees. The author also suggests that focusing on experience and investing in career development are essential to retaining employees.

Welcome Aboard: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Employee Onboarding

This guide outlines five steps that companies can use to build a constructive onboarding process. The author describes the importance of pre-hire planning up until the essential three month check up on new employees.

New Employee Onboarding: A Success Template For Every Hire

This blog post from Trello takes an organised approach to onboarding by providing a success template for companies.

An Interview with Andrew Quinn of HubSpot

In this interview with David Sok, Andrew Quinn from Hubspot describes Hubspot’s onboarding process for the sales team. Andrew discusses the importance of establishing core knowledge points and practical skills that a new hire will need to work effectively.

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