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How to automate setup for your new starters

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The way your people are onboarded to will be crucial to their success with your company. It has been found that the use of inefficient methods for this task can lead to a higher turnover rate, costing you precious time, money, and other resources. We’re taking a quick dive into 7 ways you can streamline your procedures for bringing on new employees.  

Quantify Your Protocol

The very first step to streamlining your procedures are to carefully outline what your needs are. Most businesses will find that the majority of their employees need many of the same basic things, such as passkeys, badges, and login credentials.

Once the essentials have been covered, you will find that differing job types will vary in the specifics, and you can cover those as you go. Develop a checklist for every title and level so that nothing will be forgotten.

Evaluate Your Procedures

Once you have examined everything your company requires for your staff, go over this list with a fine-toothed comb to see if there are any steps that can be skipped or consolidated. If possible, work with your roster until you have removed as many tasks that cannot be automated as will be possible.

Eliminate the Use of Paper

One of the biggest steps you can take toward automation is to go digital. Most people can type faster than they can write, and you can create a system whereby people can fill all their information into a standard set of forms. This saves time, because your workers won’t have to make copies, nor will they need to hunt for a lost document.

Simplify Contract Processes

Instead of manually drafting and sending offers of employment to each candidate, you can enact a system that will email a pre-approved letter, filling in the particulars associated with that person. Some models will change your new hire’s status to that of a current and active employee in your computer system automatically, and they can also contain crucial documents for long term storage.

Integrate Your Payroll Software

Whether or not you have automated the means by which you have collected your employee’s vital information, you can save yourself the extra step of keying all of this info into your payroll system by integrating your HR software with the one you use for Payroll. This provides the additional benefit of having the correct data entered in, as it will not pass through human hands. It also alleviates the need to have someone doublecheck the entries, saving both manpower and money.

Track Your Communication

One of the more common frustrations with onboarding new staff is the fact that communications can be contained within emails, voice messages, and on other online platforms. Instead, you can utilise messaging services built just for corporate communications that are private and self-contained.

Create Digital Training and Orientation Tools

One of the more arduous tasks a company will face is introducing their existing work force to those who have been newly employed. By recording a simple introduction from each staffer, you can give new hires a quick rundown of the people with whom they will be coming into contact, saving everybody time.

Another facet of orientation will often include standard trainings that incorporate health and safety regulations and other such knowledge. Your team can design videos that will provide your employees with key information to help the onboarding process run seamlessly.

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